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Solid Wood Patio Furniture

When it comes to enjoying the summer sun, lounging outside on your patio with a few drinks is always fun, and these modern solid wood patio furniture designs will make your backyard decor even more spectacular.

While having a few lawn chairs and a table may be sufficient to have guests over for drinks, it often leaves your patio looking dull and unappealing. These modern furniture designs however, showcase sleek and minimalist shapes, and will have your outdoor patio looking sleek and sophisticated the next time you decide to have a braai.  Whether you have a small patio or a great big deck, you are going to need some seating and a table to go on it. Send us your designs, or get inspired by some of our designs.  We will create the most gorgeous patio suite for you.

Once you’ve bought your solid wood patio furniture, you want to make sure it lasts for several years. What’s the best way to protect your outdoor investment from the elements? Keeping it under cover as much as possible, away from extremes in temperature or moisture will go a long way to keeping it as beautiful as the day it was made for you.