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Ottomans. More than a foot stool, now a decor tool

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Custom made ottomans and foot stools are designed to compliment your favorite lounge furniture.  The last zebra-ottomantouch that you’ve been searching for to complete your room is finally at your fingertips! Browse our selection of ottomans, and contact us to begin a conversation about your own custom made ottoman. There’s no better source for upholstered and leather custom made ottomans than working with us. 

The ottoman was brought to Europe from Turkey in the late 18th century. The word ottomane to refer to furniture appeared by at least 1729 in French

In Turkey, an ottoman was the central piece of family seating and was 3 drawer storagepiled with cushions. In Europe, the ottoman was first designed as a piece of fitted furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room. The ottoman evolved into a smaller version that fit into the corner of a room.

Ottomans took on a circular or octagonal shape through the 19th century. Seating was divided in the center by arms or by a central, padded column that might hold a plant or statue. As night clubs became more popular, so did the ottoman, which began to have hinged seats underneath to hold magazines